Other Fire Safety 

Your fire alarm system is just one part of creating a safe environment. We also offer a number of other services which help support your premises and staff or occupants. 

  Fire Systems Training 

There are several areas of a fire alarm system that you or your staff/occupants can operate, and correct training can save you time and money on unnecessary callouts. 
We offer a complete training package to ensure all relevant personnel can use your fire alarm system safely and effectively and understand responsibilities for checking the fire panel status and weekly testing. 

  Emergency Lighting 

Emergency lighting systems are invaluable in ensuring any staff or visitors to your property can safely exit following a loss of power. 
We can advise and deliver a system that is simple, effective and easily maintained. 

  Disabled Refuge System 

Refuge areas are places where people who cannot easily evacuate a building, can call for assistance and wait safely until help arrives. These areas require different, more easily accessible call points. 
Our engineers are trained in installing and commissioning these ‘fire refuge’ points. 

  Wireless Alarms 

In some buildings where it may not be possible to install a traditional ‘wired’ fire alarm system, you can use Wireless Fire Alarms. 
Pro-Sense can design and install fully wireless systems or hybrid systems which combine wired and wireless alarms – perfect for when you have some areas that are inaccessible for cables. 

  Central Station Monitoring / Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) 

Depending on the type and use of your property we offer a monitoring service, which can be set up to contact key personnel and/or automatically contact the Fire Brigade. 
Ensuring you receiving quick notifications of any incidents that should occur, giving you peace of mind. 
To discuss your requirements, or for a free survey and no obligation quote, please contact us 
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